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5 Best Online Vulnerability Scanner For Your Websites

5 Best Online Vulnerability Scanner For Your Websites

Often i got question from friends, clients and people’s online on how secure is their website. Well, the short answer is : NO. Why? no matter what you do to protect your site, it’s still vulnerable to external disruption, whether spam, phishing, sql injection or anything.

What can you do to at least minimize the damage? There’s something you can do, like always make a backup of your websites and the database, also do a sites scanner from vulnerability.

Here i share with you 5 best online vulnerability scanner you can use for FREE.


It’s the most popular free website malware and security scanner. You can do a quick test for Malware, Website blacklisting, Injected SPAM and Defacements. It also offers a WordPress (If You Use WordPress) security plugin that will help prevent your website from being hacked. It offers tools to continuously monitor and scan your site and plug any security leaks and loopholes.

#2 – ScanMyServer

provides one of the most comprehensive reports of varieties of security test like SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, PHP Code Injection, Source Disclosure, HTTP Header Injection, Blind SQL Injection and much more. It is powered by one of the world’s most powerful and comprehensive network security testing systems, AVDS, the same system that is used by governments, banks, telecoms and international corporations to scan their websites.

#3 – Quttera

It scans your website for malicious files, suspicious files, potentially suspicious files, phishTank, Safe Browsing (Google, Yandex) and Malware domain list. Quttera’s technology helps small and medium businesses and enterprises to fight cyber threats online and protect their websites and customers from malware. As a cybersecurity and software company, the company develops innovative tools to detect and remove malicious content from websites, domains, and any other web-facing assets.

#4 – SiteGuarding

helps you to scan your domain for malware, website blacklisting, injected spam, defacement and much more. The vulnerability scanner is compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, osCommerce, Bulletin and another platform.
SiteGuarding also helps you to remove malware from your website so if you are site is affected by viruses, they will be useful. SiteGuarding monitoring service creates a snapshot of your site and performs deep website scans of all the files, if something changed, e.g. new files appeared on the website or someone has modified the file content you will be immediately notified
vulnerability-scanner#5 – Netsparker Cloud

Netsparker Cloud is an enterprise web application security scanner which scans for more than 25 critical vulnerabilities. Netsparker is free for open source project else you can request for the trial to run the scan. The online vulnerability scanner Netsparker has a web service based REST API that allows you to remotely trigger new web vulnerability scans from anywhere and anytime. The API helps organizations automate web application security in their SDLC, DevOps and live environments.

#Bonus – Observatory

Mozilla recently introduced observatory which helps a site owner to check various security elements. It validates against OWASP header security, TLS best practices and performs third-party tests from SSL Labs, High-Tech Bridge, Security Headers, HSTS Preload, etc.

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